How does sound healing work?

Sound healing works holistically on many levels from using vibrations that can gently stimulate the body to using intention and a positive mindset to access the healing potential of the mind.  It is possible for sound healing to have immediate effects but it is best to enter the activity as a lifestyle, as one would a meditation practice or yoga class, receiving many benefits along the way that multiply over time in the form of physical health, peak experiences, and spiritual development.  Along with the soothing effect of the sound healing instruments, you receive the vibrational benefit of a conscious, daily practice.  Your practice is shaped specifically for you by the power of your intention, empowering you to be the guiding light through your own unique situation.  The most powerful ingredient is taking an active and committed role in the healing process.

Any content on this site is not intended to be used as a replacement for medical advice, care, or diagnosis. Medical care should not be replaced with the holistic healing modalities mentioned here. 

I'm new to sound healing, where should I start?

The dynamic healing activity of the body and chakras are already working within you to create your experience.  Using sound healing instruments like tuning forks and singing bowls help you connect with them as an external activity so they can be empowered by the intention of the conscious mind.  The most powerful way to start is with a strong intention.  The coherent field of energy created by your intention has a vibration that attracts to you the situations and practices that become your path to healing.  The next step should be committing to a daily practice so you can learn your technique and establish the healing activity.  This can be achieved by practicing with a singing bowl or tuning fork, or if you are experienced with the chakra system and want to develop your practice or you are a sound healing practitioner, a set of singing bowls and tuning forks.

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