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I am very pleased with this purple crystal pyramid. It sounds great. Sounds kind of like church bells.

Love the quality and tone of my new Schumann Resonance weighted tuning fork! Quick shipping!

Myriad Melodies' Tuning Fork Carry Bag - Professional 10pc Tuning Fork Plug-In Bag with Compartments For Attenuators, Activator, Accessories

This tuning fork carrier exceeded my expectations. Beautiful craftsmanship! Can't wait to assemble my tuning forks in this lovely bag!

I love my drum so much! It looks just like the picture and sounds beautiful! The case it comes with it also great quality! Highly recommend!

The product is absolutely beautiful and exactly as i expected! Working with this seller is beyond amazing, they are flexible, accommodating, clear and VERY detailed in their descriptions and responses. They truly take their time in the work they do from start to finish. I would recommend them especially for customizations and when it comes to knowing what you're buying their descriptions are nothing short of spot on!!! So happy to have found them!

My gf loved this gift so much. She's wanted a sounding bowl for the longest time and it's so beautiful

Myriad Melodies' Tuning Fork Carry Bag - Professional 10pc Tuning Fork Plug-In Bag with Compartments For Attenuators, Activator, Accessories

Item is excellent quality, shipped fast and as ordered. Thank you!

Myriad Melodies' Perfect Pitch (5 Cents) 432 Hz Chakra Light Singing Bowl Set - 2 Cases, Cushions, O-Rings, 2 Mallets 2 Strikers,

This crystal singing bowl set is gorgeous in person! They are well crafted and produce beautiful tones. The colorful cloth rings that are included add a nice visual to the display.

This bowl gorgeously complete my singing bowl set. The tone makes my ears dance. It came with the small tuning fork shown in my photo.

Shipping was incredibly fast. Items were as pictured. Sound & look beautiful. 😍

These bowls are amazing!! I'm a beginner and I love them already. Next I want to get a frosted 7 chakra set but I'm having so much fun learning on these. Great quality, awesome free gifts, and the shopping was great.

Tuning Fork Holder - 10pc Holder with Tumbled Gemstone - Professionally Crafted Bamboo with Chakra Symbols, Sound Vibration

Such a great tool. Very handy to keep stones with the tuning forks.

Oh... just perfect!!! So wonderful! These are perfect to add to my singing bowl and tuning fork collections! I will use them during my gentle yoga classes and my yoga nidra classes! We have a surf yoga festival coming next month, so these will be a splendid uplifting additional feature!

Chakra Tubes - Full Set Of 8 Frequencies For Vibration, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown Charka

This item was exactly as described, excellent quality of finish, and clearly labeled with color and chakra name. Very happy with my purchase. The seller even made a point to reach out and let me know that these were not wah wah tubes ( as they do look like that) so they knew exactly what to expect. Highly recommended this seller. Still looking for wah wah tubes to complete my solfeggio set though.

Love my crown chakra sound bowl! It shipped super fast in which I got it less than 5 days! It came in great condition!! It's beautiful!! 😍😍😍

Omg!!! I have been working with tuning forks for about 7 years now and by far these are the best quality I have used! I am thrilled beyond belief and cannot wait to offer the healing services of these forks to my clients!

Myriad Melodies' Round Attenuator Attachment for Tuning Forks - Massage, Acupressure, Sound Vibration

Great boot for my tuning fork, it changed the experience and I melted. Will buy more

Love,love,LOVE my new fork! I put the boot on and used it right away. I'm physically humming after using it more like an internal purrrrrrrr. I feel great! I have been humming to stimulate my vagus nerve but this fork with the boot really does the truck. I'm buying more to have one in the bathroom and one for the livingroom so I can use it while watching TV. So happy to have found this seller. Thank you so much for being here.

Love my sound healing items I've received from myriadsmelodies and especially looking forward to continue learning with these amazing , fair priced tools