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18pc Secret Solfeggio and Chakra - Professionally Tuned .25 - Silver Chakra, Gray Solfeggio, Activator and 18pc Holder, Sound Vibration

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Singing Bowls - Pure Quartz Crystal

Tuning Forks - Magnesium Enriched Aluminum Alloy

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Myriad Melodies' 18pc Secret Solfeggio and Chakra Set bundle will make a great addition to your collection of sound instruments. This bundle includes 18 weighted silver Chakra and gray Secret Solfeggio tuning forks each with their own drawstring pouch and striker, one 18pc custom made tuning fork holder, and one tuning fork activator.

The tuning forks of this bundle are accurate within .25 - ..50% of the tuning fork frequency and are made of heat treated, high quality aluminum alloy that has concentrations of magnesium, giving them added strength and longevity. This type of aluminum is highly valued because of its very light weight and conduciveness for vibration and will ensure that your tuning forks remain accurate for years.

9pc Secret Solfeggio Set

The Secret Solfeggio Weighted 9pc Tuning Fork set will make a great addition to your collection of sound instruments. The Solfeggio frequencies refer to the elegant frequencies derived using Pythagorean mathematics and the love frequencies that emanate from the bio-field of people who have fervently chanted and sung the Solfege as praise and as prayer. The mathematically derived frequencies were recently discovered and were aligned with the ancient Solfege seed sounds, becoming a phenomenon of sound healing. The Pythagorean derived frequencies serve to align us with the sacred geometry of sound, helping our chakras to become in tune with the healing energies that are all around us and accessible through vibration.

The human body has seven major regions, each corresponding with a musical note, and so we are a living octave of ascension, a part made in the image of the whole. This octave of sound is represented by the Solfege seed sounds DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, and TI. Correctly annunciating the seed sounds while singing or chanting stimulates the chakras and harmonizes us with the order, balance, and beauty of the universe, filling the aura or etheric light of the bio-field with love frequencies. This is the power of the Solfege.

The Love Frequencies are qualities like joy, inspiration, compassion, longing for the beloved, hopefulness, and good will. Whatever system of beliefs you have, this is a very healthy energy dynamic that can promote effective communication with you and your client, foster a healthy dialog within yourself, or help you connect with the higher energies as you imagine them to be, such as the angelic realm, the quantum nature of the universe, or the guides of the spirit world.

If you believe in the transcendent power of love, those energies can be accessed from any distance and from any time. This is the same philosophy as Reiki and Distance Healing. If you subscribe to this philosophy, it is your natural potential as a living being in the universe, a living octave of ascension, uplifting yourself and others with the message of love. For thousands of years, people have sung and chanted sacred sounds, connecting them with the love frequencies. The love frequencies are all around and within us, as beauty and order, and in our friendships and love relationships. It can also manifest as a connection with the universe or creator, mental insight, healing energy, wisdom for spiritual advancement, and supreme compassion.

Demonstration of how to use the tuning forks -

As a practitioner, you can use the Solfege by chanting the seed sounds or mentally reciting them. While applying the tuning fork to yourself or a client, mentally recite any of the seed sounds. The seed sounds stir the chakras or wheels into moving together as one to convey vital energy through the body.

The hidden frequency SKY 174 Hz in this set is associated with the sacred sound AH. The SKY can be thought of as the breath of life that breathes creation into existence first with the sound AH. Think of something that you love more than anything any in the world, or something that you found to be so beautiful, or a selfless act that moved you to tears, and feel the outpouring of this energy in the heart chakra as the sound AHHHH. If you practice tuning into the sound and energy of AH, you can connect with a profoundly loving energy. It instantly relaxes you and changes your vibration, fostering gratitude and acceptance. By asking your client to intone this sound at the same time, you can create a powerful coherent field of creative energy. AH is the feeling of love and it is the breathing into existence of creation. Using this sacred sound in your practice is a way to align yourself with the universe to naturally manifest healing. It is a guiding and protective energy, and through the intelligence and processing power of the heart chakra, knows where we are on the path and what steps we need to take.

The next frequency is LAND 285 Hz and it is associated with OM, the sound of creation. LAND is the earth, physical creation, and so its energy is very grounding, and like the earth it is the strength and foundation of our energy system. This tuning fork has a beautiful dark, earthy gray color. The Root Chakra, UT 285 HZ, is deeply rooted into this level of reality. We connect with it when we are drawn to be out in nature, to be in harmony with the energy of the earth. Advanced practitioners recite OM for its effectiveness at quieting the mind, relaxing the body, and dissolving the constructs of the mind to experience oneness. OM is associated with many reports of profound healing, awakening, and spiritual development. As with all of the Solfege seed sounds, it is beneficial to both the practitioner and the recipient. Chanting OM as a group can create a powerful resonance, and guided by thought, intention, and visualization, can become healing energy or prayer.

The Solfege was associated with many benefits for those who chanted and sung them. Each culture has their own versions of these ancient syllables.

For those who practice chanting and singing, to annunciate the seed sound requires correct posture, breath control, and coordinated movement from the entire body. Employing the diaphragm, pulling the shoulders back, and tucking the chin, allows the correct annunciation of the seed sound or musical syllable to be found.

The dynamic activity of chanting and singing is one the best examples of sound healing. It creates a movement of vital energy that travels up and down through muscle groups, the nervous system, the organs and cells, and the chakras associated with the major regions of the body. It is an activity done with love and often as a form of affirmation and prayer.

Mantra is a powerful and effective practice that uses breathing and vibration to regulate bodily functions and help to create the conditions for the body and mind to heal. You'll be surprised at how effective a simple breathing practice can be. Repeating out loud or mentally reciting a sound or word generates momentum and energy within that body as Prana or Chi. Inside the space of one breath we can become fully centered for meditation practice, and this can be an effective technique to use for both practitioner and client. Daily practice is key to getting the best results.

The original 6 tones and the 3 hidden or secret tones are brought together to form a complete set.

The Solfeggio Tones - 6 ORIGINAL TONES:

UT 396 Hz
RE 417 Hz
MI 528 Hz
FA 639 Hz
SOL 741 Hz
LA 852 Hz


SKY (AH) 174 Hz
LAND (OM) 285 Hz
XI 963 Hz

9pc Chakra Set

The 9pc Chakra Color Weighted Tuning Fork Set includes 9 weighted tuning forks that correspond to the Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Crown Chakra, and Soul Star Chakra.

This tuning fork set contains 3 OM octaves starting with the lower OM, Earth Star frequency 68.05 Hz. The middle OM is the Heart Chakra 136.1 Hz and the High OM is the Soul Star Chakra (Soul Purpose) 272.2 Hz. This is a balanced set of tuning forks that represents the power of the Heart Chakra. One octave below is our heart connection to the physical world, one octave above is our heart connection to the heavens. Because of the vibrational connection of these three levels, being heart centered allows us to ground ourselves in the physical world and also ascend into the higher heart octave of the Soul Star.

From the perspective of the earth star, the journey starts with the root chakra. A physical being learning how to survive, growing through each chakra, until we reach the crown and realize ourselves as spiritual beings. From the Soul Star, we start from a place of understanding, and our message of love moves down through the chakras, until our original foundation is transformed and uplifted.

The Earth Star Chakra can help you to become more grounded and centered. The earth teaches us to take care of ourselves and to be compassionate towards all life. It also gives us strength and support. Connecting with the presence of the earth helps us to realize our ground of being, anchoring our consciousness in the present moment. This tuning fork pairs beautifully with many different types of Yoga, Qi Gong, and Meditation practices. It is recommended to practice outside in the grass and strike the tuning fork before and after each session.

Working with vibration is associated with many benefits, and when used in combination with Yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation, could become a powerful practice that can provide many opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

One way to use the tuning forks is to apply their vibration during meditation. Meditation is an invaluable resource for Reiki practitioners and distance healers when working with the guidance and protection of the Heart Chakra.

Demonstration of how to use the tuning forks -

Simply through intention, visualization, and rhythmic breathing, we can connect with any area of our body and establish a healthy connection. This is a natural, intuitive, and gentle form of self healing that we are empowered to use at any time because we are using the potential of our mind. This type of natural healing perspective can enhance the effectiveness of Yoga positions, stretching, or sound instruments.

Each major region of the body contains thick bundles of nerves that correlate with the chakra system. When the nerve plexuses are healthy, the impulse of the life force is conveyed to each region. Yoga, Qi Gong, stretching, and chiropractic care are often very effective forms of healing because they restore healthy nerve function, allowing all of our cells and organs to receive a healthy flow of vital energy.

A holistic approach is very gentle, and often very effective because it utilizes a comprehensive approach to stimulating the mind and body.
Chakra balancing, meditation, energy healing, clearing stagnant energy, reiki, etc. are practices that can be used in conjunction with sound instruments.
This 9pc Chakra Set includes: 9th - Soul Purpose Chakra 272.20 Hz, 8th - Crown … 172.06 Hz, 7th - Third Eye … 221.23 Hz, 6th - Throat … 141.27 Hz, 5th - Heart (Same as OM) … 136.10 Hz, 4rd - Solar Plexus … 126.22 Hz, 3nd - Sacral … 210.42 Hz, 2nd - Root … 194.18 Hz, 1st Earth Star ... 68.05 Hz.

Each tuning fork is color coded and weighted, and includes its own striker and bag.

Please, reach out to us if you need any help with your sound instruments.

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Using essential oils in conjunction with activities like Yoga, Meditation, and Qi Gong, adds to the holistic effect of the activity. Essential oils offer a very simple and safe way to connect with a variety of different plants from all over the world. Our Essential Oils are available for purchase, here -

Select a colorful Roll-Up Carry Bag for your tuning fork set -

Select a colorful Activator to use with your tuning fork set (coupon SAVE20) -

Select matching color Light Up Acrylic Striker for your singing bowl (coupon SAVE20) -

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