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Myriad Melodies

Myriad Melodies' Professionally Tuned .25 9pc Chakra Silver Tuning Forks with 10pc Crystal Massage Attenuator Set - Biofield Tune

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Singing Bowls - Pure Quartz Crystal

Tuning Forks - Magnesium Enriched Aluminum Alloy

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Myriad Melodies' 9pc Chakra Silver Tuning Fork Set with 10pc Crystal Massage Attenuator Handle Set is the perfect addition to your collection of sound instruments, or if you are just beginning as a sound practitioner, this will be a perfect place to start. Included for free with this bundle is one of our colorful tuning fork activators.

Select your favorite color Activator by using the drop down menu and it will be included with the 10pc Attenuator set. There is a picture in the product photos of the tuning fork Activators. You strike them with the tuning fork to activate the vibration.

Because the Crystal Massage Tip Attenuator Set comes with a silver handle, there is an option to add a matching color Silver 93.96 Schumann Tuning Fork! To add the Schumann tuning fork to your order, select 'Add 93.96 Schumann' from the drop-down menu.

One of the greatest features of this handle is that you can hold it in the palm of your hand, reducing the stress on your fingers. The handle attaches securely and won't wobble or slide off, and it increases your control over the tuning fork and effortlessly extends its reach. (sometimes a 10mm crystal varies in size and is too small, please reach out to us if you need a replacement)

This is a premium and one-of-a-kind tuning fork attachment and will very quickly become a go-to accessory for your practice! Many of our customers are professional sound practitioners and to ensure you have the very best, we worked with top US-based crystals and gemstone suppliers to provide 'Grade A' and '1st Choice' quality 10mm undrilled spheres. Each 10mm sphere is inspected and verified by experts to ensure you have the most premium quality Crystal Tip for your sound instrument.

Crystal and Gemstone Attenuator singles can range from $20 to $90. With regards to pricing, our Crystal Massage Attenuator Handles are about midrange. Purchasing as a 5-Pack or the full 10pc set offers the greatest value. No matter what type of Attenuator you are using, it is an amazing addition to your practice, adding increased functionality and performance, so you should always practice with confidence. It is also good to have variety, so we highly recommend this offering for its customizability.

While we are certain that you will be pleased with the depth, color, and overall quality of the Crystal Tips that we provide, the design allows you to use your own 10mm undrilled spheres! You can use your current selection of 10mm spheres or purchase separately and add to your collection. Each 10mm sphere can be installed within just a few moments. Each 10mm sphere can vary in size, simply adjust the Attenuator Handle as needed to ensure it is a perfect fit.

Enhance your practice by using Crystals with the vibration of the tuning forks and also as a massage tip. The smooth contours of the Attenuator Handle are designed for rolling over different points of the body. Slide the handle over the forehead, eyebrows, and temples, or gently press the Crystal Tip on different points along the body. The Attenuator Handle with Crystal Massage tip will be just the right touch, adding refreshing and delightful experiences for you and your clients.

Crystals and Gemstones have been used for thousands of years in different practices and for different reasons. We have had many powerful experiences with crystals and gemstones and very much believe in their effectiveness. It is our goal to provide you with an amazing resource that allows you to bring the benefits of crystals into your practice!

Crystals and Gemstones have been used for thousands of years in different practices and for different reasons. We have had many powerful experiences with crystals and gemstones and very much believe in their effectiveness. It is our goal to provide you with an amazing resource that allows you to bring the benefits of crystals into your practice!

10mm Crystals -

Red Carnelian
Tiger Eye
Yellow Jasper
Green Onyx
Blue Onyx
Rose Quartz
Clear Quartz

Instructions -

Rotate and remove the top half of the Attenuator Handle, then drop a 10mm sphere into the reservoir tip. Reattach and rotate the reservoir tip until the 10mm sphere is firmly in place. Each 10mm varies in size so tighten it as needed. Please, note that the Attenuator may not close completely as 10mm spheres vary slightly in size.

Occasionally, an undrilled crystal sphere can be slightly smaller than normal, so to prevent it from oscillating when the tuning fork vibrates, we recommend putting a small piece of tape on the tip of the attenuator stem, the part that presses against the crystal tip when the encasing is closed.

If you have purchased a tuning fork set or gemstone attenuator set from us before, include your order number when checking out to receive a discount! 🀍

9pc Chakra Set

The tuning forks of this set are accurate within .25 - .50% of the tuning fork frequency and are made of heat treated, high quality aluminum alloy that has concentrations of magnesium, giving them added strength and longevity. This type of aluminum is highly valued because of its very light weight and conduciveness for vibration and will ensure that your tuning forks remain accurate for years.

This tuning fork set contains 3 OM octaves starting with the lower OM, Earth Star frequency 68.05 Hz. The middle OM is the Heart Chakra 136.1 Hz and the High OM is the Soul Star Chakra (Soul Purpose) 272.2 Hz. This is a balanced set of tuning forks that represents the power of the Heart Chakra. One octave below is our heart connection to the physical world, one octave above is our heart connection to the heavens. Because of the vibrational connection of these three levels, being heart centered allows us to ground ourselves in the physical world and also ascend into the higher heart octave of the Soul Star.

From the perspective of the earth star, the journey starts with the root chakra. A physical being learning how to survive, growing through each chakra, until we reach the crown and realize ourselves as spiritual beings. From the Soul Star, we start from a place of understanding, and our message of love moves down through the chakras, until our original foundation is transformed and uplifted.

The 68.05 Hz Earth Star tuning fork can help you to become more grounded and centered. The earth teaches us to take care of ourselves and to be compassionate towards all life. It also gives us strength and support. Connecting with the presence of the earth helps us to realize our ground of being, anchoring our consciousness in the present moment. This tuning fork pairs beautifully with many different types of Yoga, Qi Gong, and Meditation practices. It is recommended to practice outside in the grass and strike the tuning fork before and after each session.

Working with vibration is associated with many benefits, and when used in combination with Yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation, could become a powerful practice that can provide many opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

One way to use the tuning forks is to apply their vibration during meditation. Meditation is an invaluable resource for Reiki practitioners and distance healers when working with the guidance and protection of the Heart Chakra.

Simply through intention, visualization, and rhythmic breathing, we can connect with any area of our body and establish a healthy connection. This is a natural, intuitive, and gentle form of self healing that we are empowered to use at any time because we are using the healing potential of our mind. This type of natural healing perspective can enhance the effectiveness of Yoga positions, stretching, or sound healing instruments.

Each major region of the body contains thick bundles of nerves that correlate with the chakra system. When the nerve plexuses are healthy, the impulse of the life force is conveyed to each region. Yoga, Qi Gong, stretching, and chiropractic care are often very effective forms of healing because they restore healthy nerve function, allowing all of our cells and organs to receive a healthy flow of vital energy.

A holistic approach to healing is very gentle, and often very effective because we are stimulating every region of our body and are giving ourselves the opportunity to heal in every possible way.

Chakra balancing, meditation, energy healing, clearing stagnant energy, reiki, etc. are practices that can be used in conjunction with sound instruments.

This 9pc Chakra Set includes: 9th - Soul Purpose Chakra 272.20 Hz, 8th - Crown … 172.06 Hz, 7th - Third Eye … 221.23 Hz, 6th - Throat … 141.27 Hz, 5th - Heart (Same as OM) … 136.10 Hz, 4rd - Solar Plexus … 126.22 Hz, 3nd - Sacral … 210.42 Hz, 2nd - Root … 194.18 Hz, 1st Earth Star ... 68.05 Hz.

Please, reach out to us if you need any help with your sound healing instruments. If you are a professional sound healer and require a specific configuration for your tuning forks, please contact us and we'll make sure the necessary specifications are met, as well as, provide additional support to help with the maintenance of your tuning forks. Silver tuning forks do not have a painted finish and may require additional cleaning. We recommend researching the method and type of cleaning product that is right for you. There is an amazing shift of energy that happens when you clean and ready your sound healing instruments for use. Energetically, it is a powerful way to put some love into what you do!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns and to let us know how we may accommodate your purchase. Thank you so much for all of the reviews with beautiful photos of the items you've purchased! 🀍

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Using essential oils in conjunction with activities like Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, and Sound Healing, adds to the holistic effect of the healing activity. The oldest form of medicine is plant medicine, and essential oils offer a very simple and safe way to connect with a variety of different plants from all over the world. Our Essential Oils are available for purchase.

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This purchase includes one 9pc Gold or Silver Chakra Set, one 10pc Crystal Massage Attenuator Handle Set, one Tuning Fork Activator, one Allen wrench, and one microfiber towel.

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